Practical Everyday Tips for Implementing Positive Thinking

Thinking positively is easy. Even if today you are in a state where negativity has become a way of life and you feel overwhelmed by sorrow and anxiety in your everyday life, it’s totally possible to begin your journey of optimism and reach a happiness milestone very soon. Read the following few tips to get you started on your quest for positivity.

1) Form the Optimism Habit

Start consciously: be aware of your thought pattern and replace all negative thoughts by positive ones even if it seems hard. Practice the thought awareness trick for a while and soon you will notice a natural shift in your thoughts from negative to positive. Optimism is a habit, and like many good habits it may take time to cultivate, but the effort is worth it!

2) Stay Away or Detached from People Who Say Things to Make You Feel Low

Keep negative elements out of your life. People who criticize you with malign intentions and steer your mind towards bad things for no justifiable reason are not healthy company. If possible, avoid crossing paths with them. If not, teach your mind to stay detached and not be affected by their negative blabber.

3) Devote Yourself to Learning a New Skill or Honing an Existing One

The world of today appreciates people with special talents. They need to have nothing to do with making money or achieving some worldly target. Just pursuing a healthy activity with devotion and making yourself as good at it as possible is a way to deeply gratify yourself and insinuate positivity in life. Also, do remember that you are never too old to learn a new skill!

4) Be Generous with Laughs and Giggles

Get out of those heavy moods for some time each day and let yourself lose for some light hearted fun. Watch a cartoon, read a few jokes and download some seasons of the best comedy shows; and if possible, watch them with friends and family. Humor helps significantly in infusing positivity in you and the environment around you. Even if you have a reserved demeanor, do share a few laughs and hearty chats with friends as often as possible.

5) Be Nice to People Around You

Help someone in need, be genuinely interested in how someone is doing, offer to listen to someone who needs to talk, volunteer for a cause that helps the community. All these gestures are bound to give you a sense of satisfaction and hence induce positivity.

6) Practice Yoga and/or Meditation

Clichéd but endorsed by everyone who has ever given it a try, yoga and meditation are scientifically proven ways to make you a happier person. It creates a sense of inner satisfaction that many worldly pursuits are not able to create.

7) Make a List of All the Good Things in Your Life

A lot of what you have today is something you wished for yesterday; and a great deal of what you have is something millions of others are praying for at this moment. So appreciate it and be thankful. Make a list of all the things you love about your life and read this list every time you feel low and begin to brood on negative thoughts.

8) Read and Watch Happy Content

Read true stories about those who faced hardship and used the same hardship as a catapult to reach their goals and emerge stronger. And after the dose of inspiration, treat yourself to content that makes you laugh or smile, like a light story or novel by an author you like, a happy, entertaining movie etc.

9) Appreciate Others

You have the power to make another person’s day beautiful by giving them a genuine compliment; causing happiness makes you happy in turn and brings a about a lot of positivity around you.

Try practicing as many of the above as possible and experience the marked shift in your perspective towards an appreciably positive one!

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