8 Things You Must Do Today to Beat College Stress

Heartiest congratulation to you for being in a phase of life that moulds your identity and gives you tons of opportunity to grow into a smart adult! We know that this jolly phase may also contain in itself some anxiety and stress like any other period of transition does. So here we give you a few simple tips to cope with the negatives and enhance the beauty of your college life.

1) Put Your Health First

College years is the time when you transition from being a looked-after child to an independent adult; and the first step towards being independent is the ability to maintain for yourself a healthy mind and body. So if you are living on fast food, erratic sleep schedules, and more than a healthy dose of alcohol, bartering these habits for healthier ones will be a sure shot way to cut off some of the existing stress from your life.

  • Get Into a More Human Sleep Cycle

Align your clock with that of the sun as far as possible. Sufficient sleep during the hours naturally meant for sleeping is a cure to many psychological and physiological stresses. Therefore, get your 8 (or may be 7 or 9) hours of sleep every night and look forward to fresher and more energetic days ahead!

  • Mind What’s On Your Plate

It’s time to learn your body and provide it with just the right nutrition it needs. Limit burgers and pizzas for occasional treats and fill up your everyday diet with lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, lean meats, whole grains and fibers. Learn how to put in these essential ingredients to health in your meals. And if you have the slightest inclination towards the culinary arts, an on-campus cooking class could be a fun, de-stressing way to learn some quick and easy healthy recipes!

  • Don’t Look Up To Alcohol for Comfort

All you get from alcohol is a temporary relief from anxiety and stress, which might only become worse over time if you don’t treat them at the root cause. An overdose of alcohol may eventually also cause health problems further adding more stress to life. So strictly stick to a maximum of one small beer a day if you absolutely need to, and replace rest of the servings of alcoholic beverages by healthy fresh fruit juices.

  • Experience the Pleasure of Regular Exercise

It might initially seem difficult to incorporate into your daily schedule, but once you get into the habit of regular exercising you’ll love the activity like few other things. Pick any sort of physical exercise you like, be it dance, yoga, walking, jogging or swimming and practice it religiously for at least half an hour each day. Very soon it will become a habit that you will want to keep for life.

2) Confide in Someone Who Understands You and Guides You Just Right

It can be your parent, a sibling, a well-meaning friend or just anyone you feel comfortable talking to. Emotional support is a prerequisite to a stable and stress-free mind. Just talking about how you feel makes you feel lighter at the end of a conversation. So avoid keeping things to yourself and talk about them to someone you trust.

3) Pursue a Hobby

Pursue an activity that taps your talent. Choose something that genuinely interests you and work devotedly towards becoming excellent at it. Not only will it make you feel gratified but will also teach you some important lessons of discipline and perseverance that build a base for a successful life.

4) For Some Time Each Week, Do Absolutely Nothing

The mind needs relaxation; doing nothing for a few minutes of the day leaves it with the much needed space for thought and reflection. Feel free to get lost in a reverie; revel in the beauty of things around you; and express gratitude for the gift of education that you are receiving!

5) Try Some Peppermint Candies

When you really need that quick feel-at-ease remedy, pop a peppermint candy. The flavor has been known to temporarily reduce stress, without adding excess fat to your daily diet unlike other popular binge foods.

6) Write a Journal

Penning your thoughts down offers a great outlet for pent up emotions of anxiety, anger, fear or stress. Especially for those of us who don’t talk much, writing a journal can be a very good stress reliever.

7) Be Sincere to Your Calling

College is a starting point of your career path. Use this time to understand what you really want to do in life and pursue it with utmost dedication. Recognizing your calling and working towards it in a disciplined manner will take a lot of unnecessary stress off your life.

8) Be Soft to Yourself

Humans make follies and learn from them; and the years of youth are particularly conducive to learning. So do tread carefully, but if you end up making a few mistakes, just get back up on your feet, learn and move on. Don’t ever judge yourself harshly!

More than anything else, remember that this is the golden time of your life. So get the most learning, fun and growing from these beautiful years! We earnestly hope the above tips help you deal with the minor hitches that college life may have brought about for you.

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