Mediocre or Excellence: The Company you keep matters

“The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.” –  Epictetus

If you are reading this – Congratulations – you are alive for yet another day!

Now, did my greeting make you dance with joy? Probably not, because you have not yet set a goal for yourself. ‘Today’ is just another number in your calendar, not making an impact in your or anyone else’s life. Most of us clamber through the daily routine methodically; barely keeping our nose up of drowning from mundane. And rarely do we spot a person bursting with energy, full of zeal, blooming with ideas – who mesmerize us with their positive aura.

Yes, positive vibes are infectious. So if we are in the company of motivational people who inspire us to perform our best each time we step up, we are bound to break our humdrum routine and actually contribute towards a greater good.

Who you choose to be with, does make an impact on you

Why is it so? What things do these motivational people do, and how?

  • They do.
  • They do it differently.
  • They try it – one more time.
  • They scale high on morals and integrity.
  • They fly, with feet on ground. And most importantly…
  • They bring out the best in other people!

Motivational people lead by example. If there is a walking proof that impossible is actually ‘I m possible’, we tend to become wary of excuses. We are called for to perform our best, expecting the best results, and henceforth, leaving no room for mediocre.

Inspiration cannot be drawn from the ordinary, or just by doing the bare minimum. It is derived from perspiration, creativity, and sacrifice that goes behind achieving the impossible. And if we are surrounded by such inspiring examples, we ultimately become a motivation for others, setting example, and making this world a better place.

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