You should live the life you want

When young, we were often bombarded with what others wanted us to be when we grew up. For example, parents would want to fulfill their ambition through their child. “I could not become a singer, and I want you to be one” leaves enough stress on the child to make him/her croak the ragas forcibly.

The freedom of living one’s own life usually comes at a much later stage, even after gaining adulthood. Bearing social pressure, we often wonder about the journey so far that we made as per other’s guidebook.

What Should I do with my life?

It is not before we have actually started living our life independently that we sit and ponder – What do I want to do with my life?

The fact that you are reading this blog states that you are now ready to sit down, and consider your options seriously. The tips in here are not guru-mantra of success in your life, but definitely, they are the building blocks of a content life.

Study, and be sincere at it.

Right from day one when we are born, everyone and everything starts teaching us – to gulp our feed, alphabets, subjects, courses, and on goes the list. This continues till the time we throw our hands up and declare we are done with books and can handle no more of it.
Going through that pressure of study adds up as our frustration; however, we fail to realize that it is study in any and all forms only preps us for life ahead. Study – not just your academics, but even extra-curriculum that you want to pursue. Grasp any and all knowledge you can, while you can.


Don’t complain, and don’t give up. No matter what age you are of, or where you are at in your professional and personal life – complete your study and do it sincerely. It not just refines you for better employment opportunities, but gives you a new perspective towards life.

Do what you love to do

“9-to-6 job”, “Daily routine”, “rat-race”, – are these the phrases you often use while mentioning your job? If yes, then probably you are stuck at the wrong one. It might be getting you daily bread, but it won’t be nourishing your mind and soul.

If you love what you do, your work is no more a ‘chore’ but play. It becomes enjoyable. This is bound to produce a result unsurpassed by the ones doing just the routine. If you don’t love your work, you won’t be inspired to give the best shot with all your heart.

Even if you cannot do away with the routine, you can at-least make time at regular intervals. Lazy would hide behind petty excuses; refrain from it.

Smile heartily.. and do it often

Smile in the morning when you open your eyes. Smile in the mirror. Smile on your way to work. Smile at strangers. Nothing will relax you better than your smile.


You might be caught up in worldly worries; smile then, for it will help you think clearly. You might be shattered when faced with failure; smile then, for it will give you courage to get up again to fight your battle. You might be feeling odd one out in a crowd; smile then, for it will build camaraderie.

Top stylists will agree – a smile is the best enhancement to your personality and image. It exudes confidence, and positivity. A single smile, might just land you your dream job, or score for you with your infatuation!

Forgive.. but don’t forget.

We meet n number of people, and not all of them will act or behave in our best interest. Many times, they might not reciprocate the same goodwill that you share for them. Don’t be disheartened or angered. Life is not meant to be wasted on grudges. Don’t hold on to the anger and bitterness caused by others. Be free of your past.


Having said this, it is essential that you learn the lesson from the episode that hurt you. Never forget the incident which brought upon the dark cloud over you. Keep it embedded in your mind, and be cautious of such people or circumstances in future.

Embrace change

Transition is inevitable. It essentially means moving from one phase of your life to another. The process of change might be scary, just like driving through a dark tunnel. However, the only thing that still keeps us going is the hope of light at the other end. Don’t be afraid of the ‘change’. Go through the process, because what is waiting for you at the end of the process is glory. Going through the change will refine you for a better tomorrow.


Be ready for it. When met with resistance, the process of change becomes all-the-more difficult to endure. Things are bound to change – be it technology, relationship, or person. But when this change is accepted, it becomes a part of our life that does not prick!

The only answer that best suits the question: What do I want to do with my life is LIVE IT! And live it to the full; without any inhibitions or resent. Don’t limit yourself to an unsatisfying existence but break free from whatever is holding you back. Live up to your own expectations – none else’s. And don’t set a low bar for your performance. Aim higher and keep refining your approach each time till you succeed.

Life is short, and uncertain. Don’t waste it on pleasing others at the cost of your own-self. Stand up for what you believe in. And ultimately, rely on your own inner voice to guide through the maze called life.

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