How to Be Successful? – 15 Must Dos to Attain Success

Success neither means money nor fame, it is achieving what you expected out of yourself. As you keep expecting more in your life and make efforts to reach your goal you keep achieving success or failure in the process. Success in one pursuit does not assure success in other and vice-versa. The only thing that success demands is your sincerity and hard work. If you are ready to offer this to the best of your abilities, you will be showered with success. Here we discuss 15 steps you must follow to attain success in your endeavors and be successful in your life.

1. Understand your Passion

Your passion could be your driving force to success. In the absence of passion your path to growth lacks the zeal and vigor which could be a great motivating force. So before you set yourself on the road to success take time out to discover your passion – something that you really value and you enjoy doing. When you are in the process of identifying your passion raise to yourself some pertinent questions like what legacy would you like to leave behind, how would you like to be remembered by people who matter to you and how can you make your society a better place to be in.

2. Define What Success Means to You

Success is measured in various terms such as by your fame, wealth, achievements, and also by how well you have managed your relationships. However, there could be more ways of measuring success as different people determine success on their self-conceived parameters. It could be how healthy and fit you are, how many friends you have, how well you look after your kids and family, how well you maintain your home etc. So take time to define what success means to you. Do not be swayed by what others think of success because no matter how well you do, there will be people who may criticize some or the other action of yours. So success may mean being truthful to yourself and making efforts towards progressing in things that you value and feel passionate about.

3. Use Your Imagination

People often measure their success by evaluating the success of people around them. If someone is able to well in a particular field, you may want to follow their path. But while feeling inspired by others is very good, you must make sure your skill sets and passions also match. Blindly following someone, may doom your career or your life. Keep confidence in yourself and use your imagination to determine the most suitable path for you in life.

4. Create Your Action Plan and Begin Execution

To be awarded with the sweet fruit of success, it is crucial that you remain committed to your idea. Do not have any doubts or shake from your goal when the going gets tough. Keep full faith in yourself and your idea and only then you can work hard with utmost dedication to make your idea successful.

Once you have committed yourself, make the action plan. Include every possible detail in the plan and how you intend to execute it. When you have a foolproof plan ready and have right resources in place, get going with full commitment and put in your best to execute it just the way you have envisaged. Little planning, faith and hard work are vital to achieve success in any work you undertake.

5. Educate Yourself

You may consider yourself a master in your craft but there is always a scope for improvement. Besides, knowledge is a never ending journey. If you do not have a formal degree it is always advisable to get one as it will add to your knowledge and also your resume. You may enroll yourself in advance courses and keep upgrading your knowledge from time-to-time. You may also like to take up a course in subjects related to your core expertise to widen the scope of your knowledge. This will help you take better decisions.

6. Adopt New Ways of Thinking

Life should keep on evolving. Even if you remain complacent with the slow and steady pace of your life, there would be many things around you that would keep changing. Today, technology has brought a sea change in lifestyles of people across the globe.

Instead of cribbing you should keep an open mind about these changes. Adopt what you feel is good for you and discard what goes against your values. Remember, change is inevitable part of your life. It would not stop as much as you may wish. So it is better to accept it openly and positively.

7. Dare To Be Different

Many people are happy following the footsteps of people who have already established themselves as successful. This may be a good idea and help them get what they wanted to achieve but this is not success in real sense. True success can be attained by doing things differently – in your own special way.

If you tread on the path shown by others, you will reach the destination they decided for themselves, and you may not really like it for yourself. So to attain true success try doing things in your own special way and only then you will then be able to enjoy success and also take pride in your achievements.

8. Remove All Barriers to Your Success

Have faith in your idea and develop confidence in yourself as only then you will be able to present your idea publicly. Give up thoughts that make you feel low and do not carry on you the baggage of your limitations. If you are serious about your idea you will surely find ways to get over it. Also, never entertain fear of failure in your mind as this will not allow you to put in your best. Keep a positive attitude, work hard and do your very best. Success will surely follow sooner or later.

9. Become Persistent

At various points in your life you would feel baffled with the hardships and struggles and will be tempted to give it up. This would be an easy way out but if you give up you will always be haunted by dissatisfaction all your life. So, never entertain such negative emotions.
When the going gets tough, make yourself tougher to deal with the situation. Persistence and faith will help you cross the sea of struggle across which lies the oasis of your well deserve success.

10. Read Motivational Quotes

You can draw inspiration from lot of things around you. Sometimes a few simple words by great people of our times can motivate you to do your best.

Take time to go through biographies or quotes by great personalities like Albert Einstein, Thomas A. Edison, Walt Disney, Maya Angelou etc to enliven your spirit. Draw inspiration from their life, how they struggled against all odds to prove their values and believes. Keep such inspirational quotes of famous people around you so you may keep drawing inspiration from them.

11. Appreciate Your Relationships

Acknowledge in your mind and heart that your success is the result of cumulative hard work of all people around you. Always be humble and treat your employees and business associates with utmost respect. Never lose the opportunity to appreciate them for their efforts and good work. Nurture the relationship with care. Your associates will reward you with their dedication and commitment and let your organizations scale new heights.

12. Learn From Failures and Do Self Examination

Failures are bound to happen, no matter what. You have to train yourself to learn from your failure and move forward. Don’t ever carry the baggage of the failure on your shoulder and nor should you curse or blame others for it. Introspect a little to identify the cause of the failure and what you can do to avoid the situation in future.

13. Become a Good Human

It is important to stay ethical in your business and in your personal life. Treat your employees, suppliers and associates with respect and courtesy. Be supportive in your approach and treat everyone with fairness. In your social life, always be courteous and humble. Never be boastful about your accomplishments and encourage others by congratulating them for their achievements. Show kindness towards those who may come to you for help and be ready to be of help to others.

14. Remember Success is not Happiness

While it is important to plan for your future and work hard towards it, it is equally important to give importance to your health and take some time out to enjoy simple pleasures of life. Connecting with nature, your spouse, kids and parents will help you remain calm internally. Knowing that your family loves you and supports you will give you the courage to go ahead confidently.

While in the pursuit of success never allow jealousy or arrogance get the better of you. Avoid negative feelings and keep your mind open to allow positive thoughts to come in.

15. If One Success is Achieved, Attempt Another!

Success is not a destination. It is an attitude. You need to keep achieving by pushing your limits to do better every time only then your life will be meaningful. It is good to make short term plans and celebrate once you accomplish them. But don’t let yourself stop here. Keep planning and keep doing better for yourself, for people around you and society at large.

To Wrap up

If you want to achieve success take a close look at your actions and your attitude. Develop your self confidence and be prepared to work hard to reach your goal. Keep your attitude positive and be ready to face hardships with grit and determination, the garland of success will soon be around your neck.

Image Credit – Christopher Michel

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