5 Ways to Cope When Life Becomes Really Challenging

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”
–Friedrich Nietzsche

Did you know that the wisest people are those who have known misery and hardships? The most loving and caring people are the ones who have suffered heartbreak or great loss. These people have found love in the depth of misery. P.B. Shelley has rightly said that the sweetest songs are those which speaks of saddest thoughts. These people have reached heights inspite of the hurdles because they knew how to handle the downs and stay grounded in their success. In fact the ups and downs have made these people richer in experience. And these people are like you and me. They are not born like this but they grow and evolve like this.

Well all said and done, when you hit the hard times, you have any one option to choose – either let the situation control you and destroy you or you take charge of the situation and be the lord of the situation.

1. Pain is part of Life!

Life is not a bed of roses as we all know. Many of us actually do not want to face the truth. We do not want to face the truth that we are suffering from pain. We hide the greatest pains not only from others but most importantly from ourselves. One should understand that pain just like happiness is part of life. It depends on how you carry the pain and move forward in life. Pain is just like any other feeling and you should accept it as a passing phase and let it go off. You should not let your insecurities rule your life.

2. It’s a Mind Game

If you can make up your mind, half of the battle is won. Just tell yourself that these are just some down days and hard times that will soon pass and lead you to happy and favourable ones. Do not be wary of hard or difficult times too much and do not allow it to settle in your head. Once you understand high tides and low tides are of the same ocean, you will be able to relax. Remember every cloud has a silver lining. If there is dusk, there will be dawn. Get up the following morning, breathe in fresh air, and tell yourself that it is a new day with new aspirations; you are bound to feel better. Treat every day with equal respect. You are one of the few fortunate people to see the shining sun every morning. Every day is a wonderful gift to you by the Almighty.

3. Experience makes a man wiser

Whether life is simple or complicated; easy or difficult depends upon the way you look at it. It isn’t easy or hard that you had expected but then at times you have no control over it. When you thought life would be a cake walk, just then it becomes difficult for you to handle. Similarly, you think you are in a soup and you don’t know how to get out of it, just then miracles happen and you find a way out easier than you thought. Life is therefore known to throw interesting surprises on us. Stay positive and you will be pleasantly surprised. When you receive the unexpected, you will appreciate its value. Life is rarely scripted. Experience what you are served and grow with each one of it.

4. Learn to Accept

You need to accept situations which you cannot change. You can visit a sick person or take your friend out for a quiet dinner or simply listen to your grandparents. Just accept some hard facts of life. If a natural calamity has destroyed your house or your job is gone or your father is fighting for his life – no matter what you are going through accept the situation. It is easier said than done. But think…’Can I fight against natural disaster?’ Can I get back the same job?’The answer is No. Then why curse yourself and take on the additional stress. Just accept and ensure that people around you are happy and ensure that you choose your next job more carefully and protect yourself against diseases.

5. Move On

It is very difficult to come to terms with death or loss of someone very special. We can never forget him or her and erase it with a duster. But then, the more we dwell on it, the more painful it gets. You should learn to get off the baggage. Once you can do that only then can you open room for positive and fresh thoughts and new people in your life. New opportunities will knock at your door. It is up to you to allow new vistas.

So at the end of it choose your own life and do not allow the challenges and difficulties rule your life! Believe in yourself and all things difficult will look simple to you!

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